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Blockade Edit

Blockade is a basic 2D platformer game, consisting of 25 levels that are navigated through to help Dong reach the end of the game.

Objectives Edit

The objective of Blockade is simple - reach the end of every level whilst scoring points to gain a higher place on the high scores at the end of the game. Rarer gems boost score higher. A secondary objective is to die as few times as possible; else your death count will increase. Deaths happen as a result in being killed by several traps, the player should be as nimble as possible to avoid these.

Traps Edit

  1. Spike Wall - Instant death if hit, these move towards the centre of the level and then reset after reaching the end.
  2. Cannon - Fires a bullet across the level at a steady pace. There is however a brief pause before they begin firing.
  3. Ice Gun - Functions similarly to the Cannon, but results in the player being frozen for 5 seconds.
  4. Poison Gun - Again, the same as the above, but places the player in a poisoned state for 5 seconds.
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Gems Edit

Gems are the backbone of point scoring in Blockade and its sequel.

Gems of Blockade:

  1. Sapphire - 10
  2. Emerald - 25
  3. Ruby - 50
  4. Golden - 100
  5. Diamond - 500


Status Effects Edit

  1. Frozen - Prevents movement for 5 seconds. Dong takes on a blue, ice-cube like state.
  2. Poisoned - Greatly reduces speed for 5 seconds. Dong gains a sickly green colour and a facial expression.
  3. Death - Dong will leap into the air and die.

Controls Edit

  1. Left - Left Arrowkey
  2. Right - Right Arrowkey
  3. Pause - P Key

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