Blockade 2 - title

The Title screen.

Blockade 2 Edit

Blockade 2 is the sequel game to the previous installment, Blockade, and is second in the series. It features new graphical effects, gems, hazards and themes.

Objectives Edit

As stated in Blockade, you must reach the end of the game by completing every level, collecting points to get a good high score placing and suffering as few deaths as you can. There are 28 levels in total.

New Features Edit

  1. Gems - Includes Opal and Obsidian Gems.
  2. Powerups - Power Orb - Transforms Dong into UberDong, allowing invulnerability to bullets and affords more speed, cannot be used while poisoned.
  3. Themes - Ice, Flame, Light and Poison.
  4. Graphics - Trail effects, new sprites, new backgrounds. New oozing effects on Poison Gun sprites and icicles on Ice Gun sprites.

New GemsEdit

  1. Opal - 5
  2. Obsidian - 250

To the left, an Opal. To the right is an Obsidian Gem.

Hazards Edit

  1. Spike Wall - Instant death if hit, these move towards the centre of the level and then reset after reaching the end.
  2. Cannon - Fires a bullet across the level at a steady pace. There is however a brief pause before they begin firing.
  3. Ice Gun - Functions similarly to the Cannon, but results in the player being frozen for 5 seconds.
  4. Poison Gun - Again, the same as the above, but places the player in a poisoned state for 5 seconds.
  5. Floor Spikes - Non-moving spikes, but they are still fatal if landed on.
  6. Poison Flooring - Instant poisoned state if made contact with.
  7. VertiGun - An upwards firing Cannon.
Blockade 2 - game 2

A level in the Poison Zone. Floor spikes can be seen.


  1. Left - Left Arrowkey
  2. Right - Right Arrowkey
  3. Pause - P Key
  4. Trails On - T Key
  5. Trails Off - Y Key

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