Bug Fixing Edit

This is a basic guide dedicated to helping fix minor bugs and glitches. There different categories below offer explanations to common bugs. This guide is suitable for GameMaker only.

Noclipping Bugs and Related Edit

Noclipping is when an object that may not pass through a wall normally manages to do so due to faulty programming. This is fairly simple to fix, and only involves minor changing.

  1. Discover what object is noclipping.
  2. Check that a collision event exists.
  3. If so, make sure that the commands concerning the collision event are correct.
  4. Check both objects concerned are solid.
  5. Check collision masks.

Coding Bugs Edit

These involve when coding in a script has gone wrong, and can result in errors while running.

  1. Identify what part of the code is incorrect.
  2. Ensure no spelling mistakes were made.
  3. Consider what you could change it to in order to make it correct.
  4. Find any needed code by Internet, if needed.
  5. Implement new coding.

Common Bugs made by Gamers Edit

  1. Moving to the next room after the last room.
  2. Using non-existent sounds.
  3. Using non-existent sprites.
  4. Lack of a collision event for two key objects.
  5. No sprites defined.