Introduction Edit

Cheating is the use of either pre-programmed codes or abuse of bugs to gain an advantage in a game, or exploit a factor to allow major gains not normally possible with means already included in gameplay. Programmed cheat codes are often put in by developers either as easter eggs, or to allow developers to test out modifications or test elements of the game where something is needed fast (for example, points). In addition, bug abuse, a sub-branch of cheating, is the use of bugs not intentionally included to gain an advantage, a well-known example being the ability known as noclip, or the ability to pass through solid obstacles and/or boundaries.

Indepth Edit

Adding cheats to a game by a developer may be for several reasons - as well as to test parts of the game, it may also exist to allow players in single player games to access areas, or gain items or stats they are struggling to achieve, an easter egg, or they may even be left in simply by mistake. Bugs can be used as a method of cheating, however there may be instances where bug abuse gains no items or stats of any sort, but is merely amusing. This is still cheating, but probably regarded as a much lesser (and serious) matter as opposed to cheating for items, which could disrupt a multiplayer enviroment. Cheats often do not exit in multiplayer games as to disallow any player to have an unfair advantage, or at least to not allow another player to have an advantage gained by dubious means, rather than honest item gathering, or drops, or other means.

Common Cheats Edit

  1. Noclipping
  2. Score Boosts
  3. Lives/Health Boosts
  4. Invulnerability
  5. Level skipping or replaying
  6. Item creation/spawning
  7. Creation of certain NPCs, events and so on.