Commander - title

Commander's Title Screen.

Basics Edit

Commander, released first on 15/08/2010, is a Tank-based top-down shooter with the sole aim of destroying all foes on the current level and reaching the flag to progress to the next stage, without being destroyed. Each stage typically has 2 or more enemies, each one capable of launching projectiles. The game is unique in that it is the first to include fully traversing sprites on objects such as tanks and turrets, and in addition has the first NPC health system used in any GAnimations game as of yet.

Navigation Edit

Unlike most games, the player's tank is commanded by dragging a red flag to the wanted location, for the tank to move to, provided no obstacles are in the way. Furthermore, there are commands allowing the tank to target an area, pull off evasive maneuvers, cease fire or halt all movement completely. It also features fullscreen modes and the ability to mute the game music. Similar to Paladin Towers, the game makes use of icons.

Special Effects Edit

Commander - game 2

The special effects of Commander display themselves here.

Commander uses special effects heavily, including but not limited to explosions, flying debris, smoke and so on.

Enemies Edit

  1. Machine gun turret - 10HP
  2. Anti-tank turret - 10HP
  3. Red Tank - 100HP
  4. Blue Tank - 150HP
  5. Gold Tank - 200HP
  6. Assault Helicopter - 100HP

Play Commander Edit