How to: Make Creative Games Edit

This guide is a small guide dedicated to the generation of original and unique games.

Brainstorming Edit

Before you create any game, it is a good idea to have a brainstorm - come up with ideas! There are many questions you can ask yourself in order to expand an idea of a game.

For example:

  1. What characters are there?
  2. Is this game a sidescroller?
  3. Is it going to be a helpful tool, rather than a game?

Creating New from the Old Edit

Old ideas, although done many times, often still leave room for improvement. For example, take the classic game of Breakout. How could you twist the concept? Lets describe a list of ideas.

  1. New Graphics?
  2. Multiple Game Modes?
  3. Unlockables?
  4. Upgrades?

You could even go as far as to reverse the concept - rather than hitting the blocks with the ball, be on the side of the blocks - stop the ball getting through!

Crafting the Type Edit

The type of game you want yours to be can also be a very big factor. For example,

  1. A sidescroller?
  2. A shooter?
  3. A platformer?
  4. A puzzle game?
  5. Something completely new?