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Dong is the playable character of the Blockade series.

Basics Edit

Dong is a playable character in Blockade 1, 2 and 3. Composing of a simple, round, yellow body and a pair of tiny eyes, he strives to collect valuables and other such treasures from the places he visits, or rather, is trapped inside.

Biology Edit

Dong is, as mentioned, a very simple being. His rounded, spherical body is perfectly suited for movement in small spaces, as well as his limited ability to survive multiple injuries. He is of the species Amonica, and as such has a supreme tolerance for damage. An exception to this is bullets, spikes and other such hazards, which will easily puncture their soft bodies. However, when they do perish, they comically leap high into the air, before collapsing downwards.

Being Amonica, he can resist being frozen multiple times, albeit in an immobile state. In addition, he can continue to survive poison several times, although while recovering he takes on a sickly tinge and facial expression, as well as reduced movement speed. He can also survive great falls.

Featured Edit

  1. Blockade
  2. Blockade 2
  3. Blockade 3
Blockade - game 3

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