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DrillingKing title screen.

DrillingKing Edit

This is a simple drilling game in which the player must progress through deep depths to sell an array of material, including metal ores and gems, to generate a cash flow and delve deeper into Mars.

Controls Edit

  1. Arrowkeys - Control the Pod
  2. Space - Go to the Shop
  3. D - Find Depth

Metal Ores Edit

  1. Brize - 10

(Bri-ze) Light Zone Brize is a common, weak metal mostly used for electricity conduction. Its low demand results in a low price. It has decorative streaks of grey.

  1. Ironium - 25

(I-ro-knee-um) Light Zone, Medium Zone Ironium is a hard, dense and malleable metal, popular in construction.

  1. Stile - 40

(Sty-le) Light Zone, Medium Zone Stile is formed when Ironium is crushed under pressure and heat, creating a harder material. It gives off a faint crackling sound when listened to closely.

  1. Fushlite - 50

(Fuh-sh-lie-t) Light Zone, Medium Zone, Heavy Zone Fushlite finds little use other than as an ingredient in the manufacture of alloys. It has a very cold feel to the skin. Fushlite is also highly reactive with other metals. Fushlite conducts electricity better than any other known substance.

  1. Luanium - 75

(Loo-a-knee-um) Medium Zone Luanium is a medium strength metal, malleable and not too expensive. When struck with force, it emits a low humming sound. A dent made in Luanium will gradually repair itself, making it good for construction.

  1. Viridime - 100

(Vi-ri-dee-mee) Medium Zone, Heavy Zone, Dark Zone Viridime is an incredibly tough material, finding use in armour for vehicles. It is also used in the construction of reinforced buildings. Viridime is woefully heavy, however, and Viridime weighs 10Kg per 1Kg of the material. Its huge strength results in a long drilling time.

  1. Chronzite - 125

(Chr-on-zi-te) Heavy Zone Chronzite is an odd metal; it does not conduct electricity or heat well. It also emits a gas, Chronzia, into the air, fatal in large doses. It is utilised in poison gas weapons.

  1. Radium - 150

(Ra-de-um) Medium Zone Radium is a highly radioactive material, useful as a fuel for nuclear plants. It is highly unstable, and explodes with enough force to kill when exposed to water; for this reason it is also used as a high explosive. Handling Radium for too long results in a sickness that can last hours.

  1. Tochiate - 170

(To-chee-ate) Medium Zone Tochiate is a metallic mix of metal and crystals, strong, but very brittle. It may shatter violently if bent to a large enough degree. When in its pure form, it is transparent and light, making it useful for toughened glass.

  1. Varion - 195

(Ver-e-on) Medium Zone Varion is a weak substance, very brittle and soft. It is so weak, it can be shaped even by bare hands. However, it finds demand as a coolant for engines as when melted down, it stays liquid and is excellent at cooling.

  1. Rudon - 250

(Roo-don) Medium Zone, Heavy Zone, Dark Zone Rudon is prized as an excellent superconductor of heat and electicity. It is attractive and also magnetic. It holds a burning sensation when held. It finds use in electromagnets.

  1. Hyliate - 260

(Hi-Lee-Ate) Heavy Zone Hyliate is one of the rarer metals, occuring only in the heavy zone where huge pressure forces it into concentration. It is of a higher value, and this comes from its remarkable propeties. It is the only metal that can float.

  1. Sapdium - 265

(Sap-dee-um) Heavy Zone Sapdium boasts lightness on a phenomenal scale - 1Kg of Sapdium has the same weight as a sheet of paper. It is also resistant to corrosion, and has high damage resistance. It is used in body armour production. Static electricity can sometimes be seen faintly running over its surface.

  1. Kroze - 275

(Kro-zz) Dark Zone Kroze is mainly concentrated in the heavy zone, and is rare to find. It is used to construct spacecraft as it offers shielding from radiation, up to 5 times more than lead at half the cost and far less weight.

  1. Hawkinium - 500

(Haw-kin-knee-um) Heavy Zone, Dark Zone, Mystic Zone Hawkinium is a rare metal. Being a very bendy and easy to shape material, it finds many uses and is in great demand. It has a high tensile strength for its weight.

  1. Gold - 600

(Gol-d) Medium Zone, Heavy Zone, Dark Zone, Mystic Zone Gold is prized for its attractive appearance. It is however a soft metal. Gold is used for medium-price Jewellery and guilding. It is also used in electronics. Gold has been in use for millenia.

  1. Glozein - 750

(Glon-zi-en) Dark Zone Glozein is a sturdy metal, very unreactive and difficult to extract from its ore in large amounts. Being very dense, it is ideal for the production of armour-piercing rounds. If alloyed with Stile, it is capable of punching through a medium layer of Viridime.

  1. Silthrill - 800

(Silth-rill) Dark Zone, Mystic Zone Silthrill is a natural combination of Fushlite and Ironium. It has the hardness of Ironium, while still being an excellent superconductor. Silthrill is commonly used as a sturdy electrical conductor where cheaper alternatives would be unpractical.

  1. Phantomium - 855

(Fan-tome-me-um) Dark Zone, Mystic Zone Phantomium is likely one of the most bizzare metals known. It bursts into flame upon contact with high levels of light, and is lighter than even Sapdium. It is weak, bending and breaking easily. It is however useful in flame-based weaponry.

  1. Danzite - 950

(Dan-zi-te) Mystic Zone Danzite only occurs in the mystic zone, alongside Amberium. It is unbelievably tough; boasting strength on a massive scale. One 3mm sheet of Danzite can block most heavy arms fire. It is prized for its longevity.

  1. Amberium - 1000

(Am-be-ree-um) Mystic Zone Amberium is a light, thin metal with an attractive golden finish. It is valued for being malleable, light and yet possessing huge strength. Only the incredibly wealthy can afford objects forged from Amberium.

Gems Edit

  1. Sapphires - 1000

Sapphires are the least valuable Gem, and the most common. They are used in Jewellery.

  1. Emeralds - 1500

Emeralds are valued for their increased rarity, and attractive colour. They are used in Jewellery.

  1. Rubies - 2000

Rubies are the third most valuable Gem. They are again used in Jewellery.

  1. Diamonds - 5000

Diamonds are the second rarest Gem, and the second hardest natural material known to man. They are used in expensive Jewellery, and saws for metal-working.

  1. Amberite Crystals - 10000

Amberite Crystals are the form Amberium takes before slowly converting to metal. They are the hardest natural substance known, and rarest gem.

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