Game Information Edit

Game Information is important as it allows others to know the controls, storyline and objectives of your game. A failure to provide good game information makes the game look poorly designed at times, and it is an inconvenience. In addition, players can by mystified and confused by the game if no help is provided. Even if the game has a tutorial of some kind already, it is very useful to include game information in case the player forgets.

Featured Edit

Game Information needs to be obviously informative. It should have a set standard of information available.

  1. Objectives - It should go over the basic aims of what the player should do.
  2. Basic Storyline - Although this can be done in game, a basic storyline should be available, if applicable. Obviously, a game such as Tetris has no storyline, so this is acceptable in that case.
  3. Controls - It is important to include all the controls to avoid confusion and frustration.
  4. Author - The author may want to include his or her name here for reference, as well as any co-creators.
  5. Date Made - This may be useful in determining when the game was first published, for reference.