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What types of games do GAnimations have?

Basics Edit

Every GAnimations game usually has a type written at the top of the game information, and there are several types of these. An exception are older games.

Light Games Edit

These consist of smaller games that have no storyline, rather being simple, fun games to spend time.

  1. Blockade
  2. Blockade 2
  3. Blockade 3
  4. SoulShards

Arcade Games Edit

Arcade games are exactly what it says on the tin - arcade classics remade and refitted with new ideas and concepts.

  1. HyperCraft
  2. ShootingStick 2 ELITE

GAnimations Tacticals Edit

Tacticals are games that involve strategy, planning and thinking.

  1. Paladin Towers
  2. DrillingKing

GAnimations Systems Edit

These are mock-up operating systems.

  1. Icebolt System

GAnimations Arts Edit

Games concentrating on drawing.

  1. FreeHand
  2. QuickDraw4

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