Greenlands Title

The Title Screen of Green Land.

Green Land Edit

Green Land is based around the exploration of the realm of green, whilst hunting down the Beast and earning points by killing the various monsters around each level. The player may also need to find keys to open doors. Green Lands was first finished in December, 2009. However, it suffered several problems as the name "Green Lands" had already been used, leading to mild rebranding of the game. Armour packs can be used to provide armour. When armour reaches zero, the player loses a life. The game also features options to save and load progress.

Controls Edit

  1. Up - Up Arrowkey
  2. Left - Left Arrowkey
  3. Right - Right Arrowkey
  4. Down - Down Arrowkey
  5. Fire - Space bar

Bestiary Edit

  1. The Nimrad - Rabbit like creatures, but beware, as they have a vicious bite. It is best not to get in their way. Can often be found wandering back and forth aimlessly.
  2. The Nimwiz - A faster and more adventuring cousin of The Nimrad, only with a green tint due to the strange food it consumes to provide additional energy.
  3. The Nimblu - A less common subtype of Nimrad, these are far more aggressive and will actively chase out intruders. They also have thicker skin to withstand attacks. Nimblu are indicated by a blue skin tone.
  4. AdoraSlaw - Cute, Impish ceatures with a small stature and a bad attitude. They chase intruders and teleport after attacking in a small puff of smoke.
  5. Water AdoraSlaw - A relative of the common Adoraslaw, but faster and more nimble, along with a blue tinge.
  6. Ice AdoraSlaw - Another variety of the Adoraslaw, only a darker colour of blue and may throw balls of hard ice at it's foes.
  7. SpikeShell - Overgrown, bad tempered snails with a semi-immunity to arrows. They have been known to follow and trap adventurers, before striking and vanishing.
  8. Thevin - Small, One eyed creatures, with a fetish for gold and will chase you for every coin you have.
  9. Zombay - Undead adventurers that were unfortunate in life, they attempt to kill passers by. Luckily, they can be killed and carry a lot of riches.
  10. Thrak - An airborne critter that is fast and nimble, as well as being hard to shoot. They are only a concern, however, if you have little armor and a poor shot.
  11. Spotted Thrak - The spotted Thrak is more dangerous than it's smaller cousin. It is faster and has a sharper beak, good for cutting through armor. Like their relative, however, they are weak.
  12. Ravager - A large beast capable of dealing high damage and swiftly killing adventurers, Ravagers are deadly. Their brute strength allows them to smash through trees. Their thick hide is incredibly tough to arrows and their claws tear through armour. However, they are slow, normally allowing an escape.
  13. Drakew - Snake-like lizards that are suprisingly nimble and very cunning. Though fast, they usually can't take much damage and are easy to hit.
  14. Stealth Drakew - A rare type of Drakew that has evolved the ability to become almost invisible. However, to achieve this, it has lost it's armor, making it easy to kill.

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