Hyper - title

The HyperCraft Title screen.

HyperCraft Edit

Hypercraft revolves around the destruction of Asteroids and UFOs, much like the original arcade game, Asteroids, after which the game is based. It also centres around collecting powerups to upgrade weaponry and shields to survive longer and destroy more.

Objectives Edit

The primary aim is to destroy asteroids and UFOs to gain points using your on board ship weaponry, that may be upgraded temporarily to boost destructive power. The Defend Game Mode is based around the defence of your home world; you must destroy anything that could collide with it. When all of the Player's lives are depleted, the game is over and the Player may or may not feature on the high scores, depending on how well they did compared to previous records.

Weapons Edit

Note that all weapon upgrades other than Autocannon are temporary only.

Tier 1

  1. Autocannon - Your standard weapon.
  2. Spiral - Launch a projectile that spirals in place.
  3. Double Tap - Launch two bullets in fast succession.
  4. Sidestreak - Fire tracking missiles that lock on to and destroy asteroids.
  5. Ricochet - Lasers that bounce off the sides of the stage.
  6. Multiblast - This consists of several shotguns that fire at once in random directions.
  7. Trail Gun - Fire cannons that leave a trail behind them, capable of destroying enemies.
Hyper - game 2

A Player fires their Trail Gun.

Tier 2

  1. Aug - A strange weapon. Aug fires straight, then after a period of time randomly switches direction. They also explode if they make contact with other Aug rounds fired.
  2. Raider - An improved variation of SideStreak, only much longer lasting and deadly.
  3. Xenogun - A shell that spreads shrapnel as it flies.
  4. Mauler - A space-mine that explodes violently, spreading fragments across the stage.
  5. Pulse Gun - Very destructive, this fires large pulses that cannot be halted.

Shields Edit

Shields, like Weapons, are only temporary.

  1. Weak - Activates a weak temporary shielding. White in colour.
  2. Medium - Activates a medium temporary shielding around your ship. Blue in colour.
  3. Strong - Activates a strong temporary shielding around your ship. Pink in colour.

Other Edit

  1. Yellow Block - +500 Points.
  2. Red Block - + 1 Life.

Controls Edit

  1. Rotate Left - Left Arrowkey
  2. Rotate Right - Right Arrowkey
  3. Forward - Up Arrowkey
  4. Backward - Down Arrowkey
  5. Fire - Space Bar
  6. Reset Ship - Enter
  7. Restart Game - Ctrl

Fixed Bugs Edit

  1. 12/06/2010 - Fixed Multiple Ship glitch when resetting Ship.
  2. 06/06/2010 - Fixed UFO invulnerability to Weaponry.

Play HyperCraft Edit