Ice Bolt title

The Ice Bolt System.

Ice Bolt Edit

Ice Bolt is a system on Game Maker that has some basic applications and functions including Draw, Music Player and Stopwatch.

Basics Edit

Ice Bolt is a mock operating system, with several applications and security functions as well as special features. It includes a Drawing program, Music Player, Stopwatch and Coin Flipper for entertainment. It is programmed to be customizable, allowing players to download Ice Bolt and then add their own features to suit their needs or wants for the system. It has a simple password system that can be changed using Game Maker. The default password setting for Ice Bolt is "2010".

Starting Applications Edit

  1. Draw - Sketch basic pictures and notes with the Draw application.
  2. Music Sampler - Listen to either the standard tracks or your own tracks in Ice Bolt here.
  3. Flip a Coin - Flip a coin that answers either Yes or No.
  4. Stopwatch - A basic counter.
  5. Photo Viewer - Allows the viewing of 3 stored photo slots.
Ice Bolt - game 3

A player using the Draw application.

Ice Bolt - game 2

The Music Player in use.

Use Ice Bolt System Edit