Your Finished game should look similar to this.

How To: Make a Basic Game Edit

This is a small guide dedicated to the creation of basic games using Game Maker 7 or better. Thus it is not suitable for other forms of game creation software, or may not be entirely accurate.

To Begin Edit

So, you want to make a game? This guide will go over some basics as to making a simple game, and how it will work. The game shall consist of a single, moving ball bouncing around the screen, with points added with every click of the ball.

Making the Sprites Edit

Obviously, we need graphics! To perform this, create a new sprite. Name this sprite: "Ball". Then, draw or load an image of your choice and save your game as: "Bounce". After that, create a new sprite, and name it: "Wall". Draw or load an image of a wall, then save. Congratulations! That is the first step of making the game playable. The sprites should be 32 x 32.

Object Creation Edit

The Ball Edit

Now, we want to create the actual objects in the game - the things you will be interacting with to play the game. First, create an object, and nane it: "Ball", like with the sprite. Give it the sprite of the Ball you created earlier. Now, add an event. Select the Room Start event, and then drag and drop the move command into the box. Choose all 8 directions, at speed 7. Then press ok. Be sure to tick the "solid" box for the ball.

Now, add another event for the ball, this time choose "Mouse Left Button". For this event, click the score tab, drag the action in, and enter +100, and tick the relative box. This means every time it is clicked, 100 points is added. Also, add a "Jump to Random" here too. If you want, you could also add a sound effect here too.

The Wall Edit

As before, create the object, and name it: "Wall". Give it the correct sprite. Now, tick the solid box. Add an event, and select the "Collision" tab, then click "Ball". This means there should be an event in which the two collide. Now, for this drag a "bounce" to the box. Choose all objects, then tick the "other" circle at the top.

Rooms Edit

We need a room to play the game in! Create a room, and ensure snapping is 32 by 32 pixels. Add a wall around the outside of the room, wih the ball in the middle. Your game is now ready! Remember to save. If done correctly, the ball should jump to a new place when clicked, should give 100 points, and should bounce around the walls. If you created or loaded a background earlier, it can be used here.

Playing Edit

Assuming all went to plan, you now have a rudimentary game! Of course, it might need sprucing up a bit, but that is your choice. Try experimenting by adding backgrounds, sounds and music, as well as more varied objects. Afterwards, the game is yours to either play or send to your friends!