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What makes a good game?

What makes a good game? Edit

Before making a new game, it is important to consider what will make the game stand out, and how it can be as entertaining as possible. For a game to work and get favorable reviews and ratings, it needs to be original, acceptable and slightly addictive!

Factors of a Good Game Edit

  1. Fun gameplay - Why do you play a game? People want to be entertained, so do that!
  2. Good graphics - Even the best game can look poor if subjected to poor sprites. Take care in using and making images. See Sprites.
  3. Carefully programmed - Bugs and glitches can potentially ruin a perfect game. Run your game in debug mode and worm out as many as you spot. In addition, take care when programming to avoid glitches.
  4. Original - Pac Man has been done a lot by novice gamers. Why not twist the concept? E.g, play from the Ghosts point of view. Or you can completely invent your own!
  5. Thought-out - Consider powerups, points and level design. Are they the best they could be?
  6. Few or No bugs - Bugs and glitches frustrate gamers and wreck havoc in gameplay. As mentioned, use debug mode when running and worm out bugs.
  7. Fair - Is it just a little too hard? Are the enemies overpowered, or underpowered?
  8. A challenge, but not too hard - Gradually build up the difficulty. A sudden leap or tricky levels lead to frustration.
  9. Playability - Can low-spec PCs handle your game? It is accessible to all players?