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The Paladin Towers Title Screen.

Paladin Towers Edit

Paladin Towers is a Tower Defence game, centred around the use of Towers, Upgrades and strategy to destroy all the monsters before they reach the end of the path.

Objectives Edit

Bring the waves of monsters under control in each mode by using earned Cash to buy Towers, Ammo and other upgrades. The stage is considered completed when the Player can safely kill all monsters on screen without losing any lives in an efficient way. The Player, depending on Mode chosen, will start with a set amount of Lives and Cash. Ammo always starts at 100%. Ammo may be purchased by clicking on the Ammo Icons for Cash.

Towers Edit

Towers are the backbone of your defences. They are the Blue section of Icon.

  1. Basic Gun Tower - The standard Tower, this fires a bullet every so often. Cheap, but slow firing and weak. 50 Cash.
  2. Rapid Gun Tower - Identical to the Basic Gun Tower, but with a higher cost and higher rate of fire. 100 Cash.
  3. Machine Gun Tower - A very fast firing Tower, capable of cutting down large numbers of enemies. Has a tendency to use Ammo quickly. 500 Cash.
  4. Laser Tower - An extremely rapid shooting Tower, firing laser barrages at Monsters with no need for Ammo. Slow to aim. 1000 Cash.
  5. Razor Blade Tower - A medium speed weapon, launching Razor Disks as high speed, capable of cutting down whole groups of Monsters at once. Requires Ammo. 2000 Cash.

Abilities Edit

Abilities aid you in combat with monsters. They are the Green section of Icon.

  1. Freeze - Freezes all Red, Blue and Green Monsters. - 300 Cash
  2. Bomb Level 1 - Kills all Red and Blue Monsters. - 500 Cash
  3. Bomb Level 2 - Kills all Red, Blue, Green and Orange Monsters. - 1000 Cash
  4. Bomb Level 3 - Kills all Monsters excluding Black Monsters. - 1500 Cash
  5. Super Upgrade - Upgrades all Rapid Gun Towers to Machine Gun Towers. - 700 Cash


Defences aid in halting Monsters if your Towers fail to kill them. They are the Purple section of Icon.

  1. Mines - A minefield to place on the Path, effective against Red and Blue Monsters. - 100 Cash
  2. Barbed Wire - Basic barbed wire, effective against up to Blue Monsters. - 200 Cash
  3. Barbed Wire (Vertical) - Identical to regular barbed wire, only Vertical. - 200 Cash
  4. Energy Wire - Advanced barrier, effective against up to Orange Monsters. - 400 Cash
  5. Energy Wire (Vertical) - Identical to normal Energy Wire, only Vertical. - 400 Cash

Monsters Edit

The Player may earn Cash by killing Monsters.

  1. Red - Usually just 1 bullet.
  2. Blue - Up to 2 bullets.
  3. Green - Up to 3 bullets.
  4. Orange - Up to 2 lasers. (Invulnerable to bullets!)
  5. Purple - Up to 2 razor disks. (Invulnerable to lasers and bullets!)
  6. Black - Up to 4 razor disks. (Undetectable by lasers and bullets!)

Random Maps Edit

These are Maps playable on the Random Map Mode.

  1. StraightDown - A simple desert map, just one path heading straight down.
  2. Snowbound - Snowy, with a path heading down, then diagonally left.
  3. Corner - As implied, a corner. An easy map.
  4. ZigZag - Slightly harder, this compromises of a zigzag piece of path.
  5. Heatwave - Similar to Corner, only reversed.
  6. Seagoing - Water-based map. Care should be taken when placing Towers due to the limited space avaliable.

HUD and Warnings Edit

Paladin Towers features a HUD (Heads-Up Display) that displays information about Cash in reserve, Lives Remaining and Ammo left. Whilst Lives and Cash are displayed via a panel at the top, Ammo is represented by a bar that changes from white to black at the bottom left of the screen. In addition, there are also warnings that appear when a condition is reached, such as Low Ammo or Low Lives, complemented by a warning alert sound.

Paladin HUD

At the top lies the primary HUD. To the bottom left, the Ammo bar and an Ammo warning is displayed.

Play Paladin Towers Edit