Ice Bolt title

Ice Bolt System has a password mechanism.

Basics Edit

Passwords, hence their name, are security measures that require the entry of a specific word or phrase to allow a user access. The phrase may be a simple word, a series of numbers, a birth date and so on. Generally, the more complicated a password, the less likely it is it will be guessed and/or hacked. It is advisable not to assign passwords that relate to yourself, as people close to you may be able to guess your password. A source code for a basic password is located beneath.

Uses Edit

  1. Guarding sensitive or confidential information.
  2. Securing programs.
  3. Adding a layer of security.
  4. Safeguarding files on a public computer or one with multiple users.
  5. A measure to discourage hacking.

Common Passwords Edit

Try to avoid use of these, as they are often used and easily guessed.

  1. password
  2. admin
  3. qwerty
  4. yuiop
  5. qwertyuiop
  6. login
  7. User name reversals, for example:

User Name: Tim Password: Mit

Source Code Edit

{ // enter the password between the quotations pass=string("hello") // type the message in the first quotations //type the default password in the second quotations that shows in the line you type in answer=get_string("Enter Password to begin","****") // shows if the password is the same as the answer it goes to the next room if answer=pass then room_goto_next() }

Information regarding the code Edit

In this example, "hello" is the default password. This could be changed to the password needed to log in to a specific user-defained phrase.