Paladin HUD

Paladin Towers, whilst paused.

Pause Edit

Pausing is a feature that allows the player to temporarily stop the game until they wish to continue. It is useful as it allows the player to take breaks, consider plans and allows leaving the game by itself if need be. To make the game pause, you should add an event for key press: P, execute a piece of code, then input the following.

Source Code Edit

{ draw_set_color('c_yellow');//color draw_set_halign(fa_center);//sets it to the center of the screen draw_text(room_width/2,100,'Game Paused, press any key to continue.');//displays message screen_refresh();//refresh it keyboard_wait();//press any keyboard thing to unpause// you can also use mouse_wait() for the mouse instead io_clear();//clears io. }

Information regarding the code Edit

You can edit the code by replacing certain areas. For example, Inputting:

  1. Press any key to begin would change the pause text to that.
  2. Changing the colour from yellow to blue would change the font colour to blue.