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What security measures are used?

Basics Edit

Security measures are means and steps taken to promote security and safety whilst discouraging hacking, viewing of private or confidential information. Some steps include password systems and lockout mechanisms.

Passwords Edit

These are specific words that are required to be entered in order to gain access to files or other virtual media. They may be simple mechanisms, or advanced ones that include secondary measures to prevent other hazards such as password hacking or guessing.

Lock Outs Edit

Lock Outs are systems designed to lock a system after a period of no use and prevent unauthorised access. After they are triggered, a user must enter one of the correct passwords to continue.

PINs Edit

Similar to passwords, only these consist of usually 4 numbers that are unique to each person. They are usually harder to guess than passwords as numbers tend to be randomized, and not personal to a user. An exception to this would be if a user used their birth date, for example 1985.

Screensavers Edit

As well as providing a pleasing visual display, these act similar to Lock Outs and often lead to a Lock Out screen. They often activate after periods of no activity.