SoulShards - title

The Title Screen of SoulShards.

SoulShards Edit

SoulShards revolves around collecting the various Soul Shards and Life Fragments scattered throughout each level. The player may only progress when every Soul Shard on screen is collected. Collecting Life Fragments is optional, but they aid in gaining points for higher scores.


There are various traps that are aimed at killing the player, forcing them to restart the level.

  1. Spike Trap - Instant death if caught.
  2. Pitfall - Hidden traps, instant death if made contact with.
  3. Drone - A moving enemy.
  4. Spinner - A moving enemy, capable of changing directions and chasing.
  5. Spinner Sentinel - A mobile enemy, capable of changing directions, chasing and shooting.
  6. Spinner Freezer - A mobile enemy, capable of changing directions, chasing and freezing.
SoulShards - game 3

A player being pursued by Sentinels.

Controls Edit

  1. Up - Up Arrowkey
  2. Down - Down Arrowkey
  3. Left - Left Arrowkey
  4. Right - Right Arrowkey
  5. Pause - P Key

Play SoulShards Edit


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