Sound represents the audio feel of the game, and also represents the quality of the game. Good sound effects enhance gameplay, making it more exciting and add realism. They are also useful for adding surprises to the game!


Sounds may be used for:

  1. Finding items
  2. Dying
  3. Losing the game
  4. Killing an enemy
  5. Gaining a point
  6. Entering and Exiting a level
  7. Clicking on Icons
  8. Weapon sounds

Bad Quality

Bad quality sounds and inappropriate sounds impact gameplay negatively, as does the absence of sound at all. The only exception is drawing games. Characteristics of bad quality sounds:

  1. Little relevance
  2. Poor audio
  3. Bad voicing
  4. Rude or too disturbing sounds

Good Quality

Good quality sounds make gameplay much more fun for the Player.

  1. Relevant to its appliance
  2. Pleasant to hear
  3. Good voicing
  4. Appropriate

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