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All games make use of many different sprites.

Basics Edit

Sprites are needed for every game, as they represent everything that happens via a picture. Very little could happen in a game without sprites, or models in 3D games, to represent the objects, characters, powerups and much more they are programmed to act like. Special graphical effects also heavily rely on sprites.

Uses Edit

Some uses of sprites are:

  1. Icons
  2. Characters
  3. Enemies
  4. Special Effects
  5. Objects
  6. Scenery
  7. Buttons
  8. HUDs

Building Sprites Edit

A sprite is basically a picture that can be in .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and many other formats. Therefore, they can be created easily with any drawing program. Some examples include Microsoft Paint, and the built in editor in programs such as GameMaker. However, it can be argued that the better and more advanced the program used, the better quality sprites are produced. Other important factors may include the creator's skill at drawing, and how carefully they are constructed. Remember, quality also relies on the format used, so it is safest to stick with high-quality formats such as .png, rather than .jpg or .jpeg.

Guidelines Edit

Basic guidelines include:

  1. Consistency - Does it match the theme of the game? Is it good quality?
  2. Relevance - Is it needed? Is it related to the game? If not, it is probably not needed.
  3. Size - Is it the right size for the object it represents? Is everything in proportion?
  4. Appeal - Does it fit the object? Does it look right? For example, would a picture of a pink ball match an object that is programmed to be an aircraft?

The gems here are an example of good sprites. They are consistent, good quality and attractive.


An example of a bad sprite. Note the poor quality and care taken.

Resources Edit

If you are stuck and need help with sprites, try the following link. Else, try the Creating Sprites page.


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